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What My Clients Say

“I can’t thank Sarah enough for the lasting and positive contribution she has made on my life. Having an open space to speak freely and an unbiased opinion has been invaluable. I now feel that although I will still have down days, these will be few and far between and I am equipped with the tools and skills to cope with whatever comes my way.”

“Sarah tailored her approach perfectly to me and my situation – empathic, constructive, thought-provoking. Today, I feel mentally stronger, physically calmer, and altogether much more positive and confident.”

“The sessions have been so pleasant and so much easier than I expected, having previously seen counselling as a painful journey. I feel Sarah has really felt the experience with me – thank you!”

“I have gained so much learning about myself. I recognise triggers and am able to handle them with more confidence and ease.”

“I really enjoyed my sessions. They provided me a safe place to mentally and verbally think through events in my life. I would never be at the place I am now if it were not for Sarah and our sessions.”

“Sarah was a great help for me in a difficult and challenging time of my life. She really helped me rebuild my trust and confidence in myself and others.”

“My initial reason for seeking counselling was to help me deal with a life-impacting situation; however this journey has actually enabled me to gain a deeper level of self-awareness, and to challenge my preconceived beliefs and negative thoughts.”

“Sarah took great care and attention in listening and relating to my thoughts. I never felt rushed or pitied. I felt I could talk with ease and without judgement. Sarah remembered the details of my story and would remind me of things at later appointments. This really showed me how well she listened and her help is appreciated so much!”

“Counselling has been excellent and Sarah really listened and honoured my wishes as to the type of counselling I wanted, and this led to some unexpected insights which have been very valuable.”

“I cannot thank Sarah enough for the help given to me. She has helped to change my life and for that I will always be grateful.”

Sincere thanks to all my clients who so generously gave permission to use their comments on the website – both the ones quoted above, and those elsewhere.

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