Can’t Get There In Person?
Online Counselling Provides Safe, Secure Support

Are You Cut Off From The Support You Need?

Are practical difficulties, such as personal mobility issues or lack of transport, making it hard for you to get to counselling sessions in person?

Perhaps distance is an issue. You may live in a remote location, a long way from any therapist. Or you’ve finally found a therapist who seems like a good ‘fit’ for you, but they are based in another part of the country.

Maybe your time is limited due to work schedules or childcare responsibilities, so you’d prefer to avoid the travel to and from an appointment.

It might be that you really want to talk to someone, but feel very anxious about meeting in person.

Online Video Counselling: The Ideal Solution

Online counselling by secure video and telephone, online therapy, online psychotherapy

With today’s easy-to-use video technology, you don’t have to see someone in person to get the help you need.

Using video to talk about very personal issues can feel a little strange to begin with. However, most people find themselves adapting to it surprisingly quickly and comfortably.

Video counselling has advantages, too. You can be in control of your own environment. You can have your own things around you to help you feel calm. And there’s no long or stressful journey to and from a therapist’s office.

What To Expect From Online Counselling

Online therapy is similar in many ways to in-person therapy. It’s still a space where you can express yourself at your own pace and without fear of judgment. We’ll still work together to help you achieve the changes you want to see in your life.

There are differences, too, of course. One is that you will need to prepare your own safe, quiet space for your session. This may mean making sure you won’t be disturbed by pets or family members. You might want to get yourself a glass of water or a hot drink, and check you have tissues to hand. Using a device with a larger screen, where possible, will help things feel more natural and comfortable.

It can also be really helpful to think about creating a clear break between your session and other activities. Try to free yourself up a little in advance of each session, so you have time to gather your thoughts. Afterwards you might get up and take a walk, or make a cup of tea, before you return to other screens and people and conversations.

Modern video platforms are easy to use. I send you a web-link by email. You just click on the link to access your private online waiting room, and I meet you there at our appointment time.

Maybe You Still Have Some Questions About Online Therapy…

Online counselling by secure video and telephone, online therapy, online psychotherapy
“Is Online Counselling Really Effective?”

We all know that video calls lack the same sense of someone’s ‘presence’ compared to being physically in the room with them. Many people therefore worry that online therapy will be somehow ‘less than’ in-person therapy.

However, studies consistently show that conducting therapy online doesn’t seem to impact its effectiveness. Online therapy has been extensively researched and validated as being equally as effective as in-person sessions. We may both miss the ‘human’ element of being in a room together, but online therapy can still help you find the right path forwards in your life.

“Is Online Video Secure?”

I take security and confidentiality very seriously. I like Zoom for video calls, because there is no ‘electronic trail’ of our sessions within the app. This means there’s no sensitive data that could be lost or hacked. Every client receives their own unique link to sessions. And maximum security settings are used for all calls, so conversations can never be interrupted by anyone else.

“What If I Don’t Have A Private Space To Talk From?”

Many people struggle to get enough privacy when they’re at home. And for psychotherapy and counselling, having a safe and private space from which to speak is absolutely vital.

There are several things which can help with this. You might wear headphones or ear-buds, to make sure you’re the only one who can hear what I’m saying. You could also ask those you live with to turn on some entertainment in another room, to avoid your own words being overheard.

Online counselling by secure video and telephone, online therapy, online psychotherapy

And, don’t forget to consider ‘alternative’ private spaces. I have worked with people speaking from a garden shed, a car, or an attic. As long as you can still get a phone or Wi-Fi signal, then we can have our session.

“I’m Just Not Comfortable With Technology!”

Technology can feel really uncomfortable if you don’t use it often. But you don’t have to be a techno-wizard to do online therapy.

If you would like to try video sessions but are nervous of how it all works, I will lead you each step of the way. I’m happy to arrange a ‘test drive’, for you to get used to the technology and make sure it’s all working OK before our initial session.

“Will My Therapy Stay Online If It Starts Online?”

If you start therapy with me by video, you don’t have to stay online forever. You will always be welcome to come for in-person sessions if you wish. Of course your location, your health, your time, or just your personal preference may make it more convenient to continue to meet online. The choice will be in your hands.

Taking The Next Step…

Online video counselling has been part of my therapy practice for many years. I have helped people recover from depression, find relief from anxiety, overcome trauma, and navigate difficult life events – all online.

I will help you get past the initial awkwardness of getting started online, and soon we’ll be on our way. Just contact me for further information or to book a first session together.

“I can’t thank Sarah enough for the lasting and positive contribution she has made on my life… I now feel that although I will still have down days, these will be few and far between and I am equipped with the tools and skills to cope with whatever comes my way.”

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